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Fired After Workers Comp Claim

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Fired After Workers Comp Claim

Did you get fired after reporting an injury at work? It is illegal for your employer to fire you after you tell them you intend to file a workers’ compensation claim. California’s Labor Code Section 132(a) is an anti-retaliation provision, and any violation of this policy warrants a wrongful termination lawsuit. The labor code specifies that there should not be discrimination against workers who were injured at work. It is a misdemeanor for an employer to discharge or threaten to discharge an employee because they have filed a workers’ compensation claim or have expressed their intent to file one. It is even stated that if an employee is discriminated against in one of these ways, then they are entitled to an increase in salary by half, but no more than $10,000. The employee is also entitled to job reinstatement and any lost wages and work benefits. Have your rights under this law been violated? If your employer is not providing the benefits you are entitled to, then it’s time to talk with one of our employment attorneys to make sure you get what is rightfully yours. In order to try and combat this misconduct, you will want to speak to one of our employment lawyers here at Rhee Dean Law.


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